The term 'memoir' originates from the Latin word 'memoria', which means memory or reminiscence.



There was once a father who was a natural-born story teller. He often spoke of writing a book of his life stories and telling some of the ancestral tales he'd inherited. Time and again, he'd share stories, promising to document them for his children and grandchildren. Efforts were made by his son as well as by his wife to assist him onto the path of writing, yet the overwhelming nature of the task always held him back. "One day," he'd say. 

But that day never came.

That man was my father. Looking back, I realize that the idea of writing his life story was too big. Where would he start? What if he left something out? Sure he was a good storyteller, but how do you know what to write next? Perhaps what he needed was a structured guide. Maybe he needed a roadmap that could help him not just recall memories, but also articulate them. Maybe he needed a muse. This is the idea that laid the foundation for The Memoir Muse.

With expertise in psychology and education, the creators of The Memoir Muse have meticulously designed these journals to gently guide you or a love one through the journey of recalling and recording these memories. With 200 prompts, beginning with foundational details of the writer's life and seamlessly progressing through various life facets like work, education, and unique experiences, The Memoir Muse ensures no memory goes unrecorded.

But that's not all. The journal also offers:

  • Additional and alternative questions to further stimulate your mind (available here).
  • A comprehensive guide to transform your journal entries into a cohesive memoir.
  • And that one extra thing that I can't remember at the moment.